An Association holding the capacity of public utility, by virtue of decree no. 24 dated September 22, 1952 and memorandum and notification no. 307 A.D. dated December 26, 1991

And by virtue of decree no. 5833 dated October 20, 1994.


The Association aims at achieving wellness and public utility, and to serve and develop the community while being non-profit.

The association is achieving its purpose through various means, namely:

1. By providing shelter, care and treatment for the elderly, the impaired people, and people with disabilities of all ages, confessions and religions.

2. By providing care and treatment for patients and persons suffering from mental, neurological and psychological illnesses, paralysis and aging, from different ages, confessions and religions.

3. By establishing institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and health care homes in Beirut and other areas when necessary, and each of these institutions shall have its own bylaws.


The Board of Trustees and Administrative Body

The Board of Trustees consists of 24 members constituting the General Assembly.

The Administrative Body, composed of eight members, and managing the Association’s affairs is derived from this Board.

The Board of Trustees supervises the management of the Association’s affairs and has the powers stipulated in the Bylaws.

The Board of Trustees elects from among its members an Administrative Body consisting of eight members, namely:

• President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 members

• The mandate of membership in the Administrative Body is three renewable years


The Association’s financial resources consist of:

1. Members’ subscriptions

2. Assistance received from inside and from abroad.

3. Governmental and non-governmental assistance and allocations.

4. Donations, grants, Zakat, charities and bequests.

5. Proceeds of endowments and proceeds of properties belonging to the Association

6. Legitimate revenues and rights due for the Association and its institutions with third parties


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